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Ambar fitness since 2005 provides all treadmill spare parts like treadmill, display treadmill, pcb, mcb commercial drive inverter, treadmill motor  pmdc and ac motor treadmill belt treadmill running deck treadmill v belt etc etc. we also provide all gym spare parts for gym manufacturers eg 4mm cable, 5mm cable, 6mm cable,  gym pulley, gym hande grip, all gym  accessories . We also provide open gym spare parts under one roof.

We also provide all exercise cycle spare parts for manufacturing and as per customer’s requirement.

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Good imported cable


Good quality treadmill belt

Capt.Ajay Badamikara - Capt A

Milind D


All gym spare parts got under one roof thnx ambar


Got cycle pendal which was not available anywhere got from ambar fitness

Nisha Jha

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